Branding, Creative Direction, Virtual Reality

NYC / 12.2016

The NHRL (NASA Hybrid Reality Lab) is focused on developing mixed reality (MR) projects for astronaut training. The NHRL corporate identity is designed for this specific purpose and adapts to both 2D and 3D environments. The NHRL logotype has been modeled in 3D in order to be integrated in the lab’s MR applications, allowing users to experience it in space and time. The NHRL model displays the NHRL word mark from its frontal perspective and, hidden in its lateral, NASA’s original “worm” logotype from the 1970's. This NHRL “totem” works as a sculptural identity within the lab’s MR experiments, granting it a unique quality, that it can be observed and reinterpreted by the user interactively, making it a pioneering design practice. The NHRL brand is an experiment in both branding and MR, it is NHRL’s first 4D branded experience and a testament to the innovative practices undertaken by the lab.

Project developed through a collaborative partnership between the NASA HRL Team and Fusion.

In collaboration with Gonzalo Hergueta

Special thanks to Nacho Platero



NHRL_Plate_5 NHRL_Plate_B NHRL_Plate_C NHRL_Plate_D NHRL_PlateNHRL_Plate_6NHRL_Plate_7NHRL_Plate_8