NB by Mistura

Art Direction, Branding

Madrid / 09.2015

The purpose of this project was to open a Mistura Ice Cream & Coffee shop inside New Balance’s largest flagship store in Europe situated on Madrid’s most transited avenue 'Gran Via'. From animated teasers to spatial graphics, I designed everything to carefully blend both identities seamlessly for this unique collaboration.

Special thanks to NKONE

Photographer Adrian Rios

NBxM_Logo_Web_NewNBxM_Mrka_3NBxM_Mrka_2 NBxM_Mrka_1web_selectiveNBxM_Menu_Web_NewNBxM_Cover_Web_New3NBxM_GoldNBxM_Cup_3NBxM_Laser_NewNBxM_New5NBxM_New2NBxM_New7