The Tape Dance

The Tape Dance


Lisbon, 2023



Location, YEAR

Lisbon, 2023

Project Info

The Tape Dance is inspired by the measuring tape and the fear that everyone has when it reels back in, when it ‘dances‘. In this exhibition, MRKA explores this mundane object through a series of films, drawings and sculptures that help preserve the existential aspect of this item and its relationship to human creation.

The Tape Dance encourages viewers to explore the look and sound of this object in an alternative non-utilitarian way. Changing our perception towards its day-to-day use.


During the The Tape Dance exhibition, viewers momentarily believed that the film was computer generated and the sculpture was made of a real tape measure. If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Videography: Duarte Lemos

Production: Jack Bean Laurence

Photography: João Frazão

Music: Berk Içli

Poster Design: Pedro Mata

Poster Riso: Mago Studio

Show Photo: Lena Lewis-King