MRKA (ɥɔoɹɹɐuǝq sɐɔn˥) has spent more than a decade in New York City working on non-commissioned projects and commissions from clients such as NASA and Wu-Tang.

MRKA takes a closer look at what surrounds him everyday, decoding and finding meaning. He is interested in the beauty of imperfection and oxymorons. Symbology, expression and humour are recurring themes in his art/design practice.

MRKA has been awarded by the Type Directors Club for typographic excellence. He has been invited to speak at Central Saint Martins in London and his work is part of the Harvard University collection. MRKA is currently based in Lisbon, working worldwide.

Exhibitions & Performances

Talks, Lectures, & Open Studios


Identity: Makinda, Inc., Web: Pedro Mata, Code: Vasco Castro

Last edited: 13.12.2023