MRKA, aka Lucas Benarroch, treats his projects as an unquenchable obsession. His passion for seriality can be seen throughout his work. His creations are versatile in both style and medium.

MRKA was born and raised in Madrid. He moved to New York and attended Parsons The New School for Design. The transition to the United States has pumped his work ethic into overdrive. He has been invited to speak at Universidad de Salamanca and Central Saint Martins in London. His work has been acquired by the Harvard Library. His commercial projects include clients such as HBO, NASA and WU-TANG.

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New York (US)

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Design Director
Ogilvy New York

Art Director
Mirrorball New York

Scope of Work

Art Direction
Creative Direction
Editorial Design
Exhibition Design
Experiential Design
Identity Design
Interactive Design
Motion Graphics
Package Design
Web Design


Awards & Publications

2022 Felipe Pantone – Praesentia (BTS)
2020 Pandemia Project (Perez, Decasso, Meca)
2020 Tramontana Issue 4 (Montana Colors)
2020 Shake II, 100for10 (Melville Design)
2019 Awwwards –
2019 CCS Design Award –
2019 The FWA Award –
2018 Top People In Events (Bizbash)
2018 Utility Writers (Makinda, Inc.)
2018 1000by100, 100for10 (Melville Design)
2017 American ABCD (Paripé Books)
2016 Regional Design Award (Print Mag)
2016 Shake, 100for10 (Melville Design)
2016 Baselgeddon (Andrew Kaufman)
2016 Post Future, Issue 1 (Wallplay)
2016 Typograph Journal, Vol.04 (Typograph Her)
2015 Typography 36 (Type Directors Club)
2015 Slanted 26, New York Issue (Slanted)
2015 Recens Paper, Observe Issue (Recens)
2015 TDC 61 Award (Type Directors Club)
2012 Vanity Fair, February Issue (Vanity Fair)
2011 Motion Graphics Semi-Final (Adobe)
2010 Wutang Issue (Refused Magazine)


Absolut (Ogilvy)
AriZona (Mirrorball)
FP Studio
Havana Club
Houghton Library
Hyundai (M4)
Instagram (Ogilvy)
Mistura Ice Cream
Nike (Ogilvy)
New Balance
Newport (Mirrorball)
Pepsi Co.
Perrier (Mirrorball)
Samsung (M4)
Viacom (Mirrorball)
Wutang Clan

Exhibitions, Lectures & Residencies

2021 Referentum Talks, ESNE, Madrid (ESP)
2020 Maraca, Pop;68, Cologne (GER)
2020 TAI Arts, Escuela Universitaria, Madrid (ESP)
2020 Arte Urbano…?, C.E.A.R.T, Madrid (ESP)
2019 83M80, University of Maryland, Maryland (US)
2019 270 Study, Maison Ruina, Vigo (ESP)
2019 The Face Apt., The Face Mag., New York (US)
2019 Biscayne Bay Show, Allapattah, Miami (US)
2018 Utility Writers, Wallplay On Canal, NYC (US)
2017 Wallplay AR, Art Basel, Miami (US)
2017 Satellite Art Fair, ConArtist, Miami (US)
2017 WED Festival, Matadero, Madrid (ESP)
2017 Westside Versailles, Good To Know, Miami (US)
2017 100for10, The Lovelace, Munich (GER)
2017 NHRL Identity, III Points Festival, Miami (US)
2017 100for10, Container Kollectiv, Munich (GER)
2017 Limited 51, Visto Images, Paris (FR)
2017 Superdollar, ConArtist, NYC (US)
2016 100for10, Kimset Gallery, Munich (GER)
2016 Maggie Knox, White Dot Gallery, Miami (US)
2015 Time’s Now, Central St Martins, London (UK)
2015 Banderole, Kingston University, London (UK)
2015 Maggie’s Gift Shop, III Points, Miami (US)
2015 Alumni Exhibition, Parsons, NYC (US)
2015 Feria Del Millón, Cto. Textura, Bogotá (COL)
2015 Trimarchi, Museo Mar, Buenos Aires (ARG)
2015 Collage Culture, ConArtist, NYC (US)
2015 TDC61, The Cooper Union, NYC (US)
2015 Unilever’s Artist in Residence, NYC (US)
2015 Young NYers, Joseph Gross, NYC (US)
2015 Penta Bien, Blank Space, NYC (US)
2014 Raw Project, JD Middle School, Miami (US)
2014 Salonukah, Trestle Gallery, NYC (US)
2014 Festina Lente, Create Collect, Miami (US)
2014 83M80, Wallplay, NYC (US)
2014 Free Arts, Bath House, NYC (US)
2014 Go With The Flaw, ConArtist, NYC (US)
2014 ADJ, Reebok Creative Hub, Madrid (ESP)
2014 Conferencia Ref, Univ. de Salamanca (ESP)
2013 Speed of Dreams, Create Collect, Miami (US)
2013 WU HA 2020, Wallplay, NYC (US)
2012 Gregg Shienbaum Fine Art, Miami (US)
2012 WU500MG, Buzzart Gallery, Miami (US)
2012 Conosco Project, Reverse, NYC (US)
2011 Secret Wars, Brooklyn, NYC (US)
2011 Wutang Grassroots, Gallery 151, NYC (US)